96 comments on “Why I walked out – but would you?

  1. In 2008 Mark Prensky was hired to be the keynote speaker at our opening day in-service. I teach in East Penn School District in Pennsylvania. His presentation was absolutely awful. He knew nothing about our school district, repeated himself continually, made blanket assumptions without supplying research to support his statements. He was insulting, inflammatory, and completely full of hot air. He also had students on stage who he wanted to bad mouth our teaching staff so that they could make negative comments about the district. They did not, an he continued to ask leading questions over and over trying to solicit criticism that would coordinate with his horrendous presentation, but unfortunately for him- the students did not agree with his bashing of teachers in general. He kept using this annoying catch phrase of “If you don’t like it, there’s the door.” During our afternoon question and answer section he was rude, ignorant, defensive, and openly hostile. He kept obnoxiously repeating “If you don’t like it, there’s the door.” After hours of his berating vacuous presentation, hundreds of our district employees took the only advice from him that was actually worthwhile: we go up and walked out.

  2. Hi Kelsey,

    I have only just seen this comment, and it’s two years after the original post – and FOUR years after your experience listening to Mark Prensky!

    I have no idea if Mark Prensky is horrible!! I certainly didn’t mean to say that in my original post. I have heard him speak on a couple of occasions and found what he had to say interesting, if challenging. I did not, then. agree with the way he characterised some teachers, and I am unsure about how ‘close’ to our students worlds we need to be. Though of course, much of what he said then is happening anyway, what with flipped classrooms, m-learning etc etc.

    The talk you went to? Well we all react differently to what we hear and attend. Sometime we mishear, sometimes the speaker (as in the car you describe) misreads mood and feel, or doesn’t express him or herself well.

    Thinking back to that even I described in this blog, I am still content with my decision. But nobody else left so I was in a minority of one. That doesn’t make me right.



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