About Jeremy Harmer

(For my life as a singer/songwriter and as a performer of the spoken word, click here)

Interview Palembang 2I am a writer of books in the field of English Language Teaching. These include Methodology titles, course materials, and learner literature (often called graded readers).

I am a frequent presenter, seminar leader and teacher both in the UK and, more frequently, around the world.

I hold a BA in English Literature from the University Of East Anglia, UK and a Masters in Applied Linguistics from the University of Reading (UK)

As a teacher and trainer in the field of English Language Teaching (ELT) I have worked for International House, London, Eurocentre Bournemouth, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, the Bell School, Cambridge, and at the Instituto Anglo Mexicano de Cultura (in Mexico DF, Ciudad Satellite and Guadalajara – where I was branch director for four years). The IAMC is now part of The Anglo Foundation.

Currently I work as an online tutor for the MATESOL at The New School, New York.

128 comments on “About Jeremy Harmer

  1. hello Jeremy!
    Nice to send you a message. I’m a student in Indonesia. I need your help. I really need an explanation about “story circle”. Where can I get a good source for it?

  2. Dear Jeremy,

    How could we get in touch with you to invite you to participate as a keynote speakers in our upcoming event Masters of ELT which will take place in Acapulco Mexico in the month of february 2012. We are sure you will be more than glad to participate as this intends to be the most important ELT event for University students working towards a BA in ELT.

  3. Dear Jeremy,
    I have already tried to contact you by email, but I was not sure whether you are still using the email address I have got. I am writing an MA TESOL dissertation on blogs and would be interested in interviewing you about your blog and blogging practices for this project. I would be more than grateful, if you would participate and would contact me.
    Thank you very much in advance,

  4. Dear Jeremy,

    my name is fathy, I’m a student in Indonesia. I’m doing research about improving student’s writing through story circle. But I’m having trouble to get references about story circle. Maybe You can help me. I need more explanation about story circle.


  6. hi,master!nice to meet you,although via email.
    I’m a student of English Education Department in a college in Indonesia.
    just want to say, i love English teaching,and your writings give me inspiration.
    i wanna be a researcher to develop our teaching.
    Would you like to come to Indonesia?

  7. Dear Mr. Harmer,
    This is a note of thanks for taking the time and effort to present a webinar on the Fluency Paradox, sponsored by TESOL International Nov 16, 2011.
    I’m leaving two thoughts here (since this website was included on the final slide) that have lingered with me even a month after your presentation.
    The first thought is appreciation of your personal style. Although my attention is snagged by all of technology’s bells and whistles, your straight up, conversational delivery furnished full justice to the rich content. As a low-key communicator myself, I felt encouraged and validated.
    The second thought is the concept of the inner “voice,” inner monologue, that you demonstrated was so important to gaining L2 fluency. I keep returning to that dynamic puzzling over ways to encourage it. Part of developing that “voice” is recognizing when it naturally happens. I’m realizing that it is a strategy to becoming “fluent” in learning and performing (in the sense of using acquired knowledge) in general.
    With thanks and appreciation,

  8. Hi Jeremy,

    We are a new online community of primary language teachers from Spain.We are planning a serie of very short MFL orientated interviews with relevant bloggers for the next months.

    I am wondering if you would like to be interviewed by e-mail (if that´s Ok with you) for your Spanish readers and followers.It would be only a set of 10 questions , I promise…:)

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  9. Hi Jeremy,

    I found your blog on Facebook. A friend Sarah, of Israel and also England posted it. My background is science and now that I am retired, I have, almost by chance, started writing about technical subjects for a totally non-technical audience. My article on supernovas and neutrino requires no math at all yet explains an article on the subject from The Physical Review.

    So teaching through my articles is a definite interest. I found your blog about playing Dickens in Israel fair, it showed insight. And I was interested in Making your Pitch for me personally as I am just really starting off with The Taste of Science.

    So count me in as another reader. (I could say ‘follower’ but I do hate some of this jargon.)

    Best regards,


  10. Hello Jeremy Hamer,

    I am a former ESL teacher. Would you like to read some of my articles that may give you new creative ideas?
    I have created a number of articles on mastering various aspects of English and a special list of the most important English learning aids. My articles have already been published on a number of websites but my articles may be of interest to you personally as I consider them more practical and more helpful than other articles for quicker and more effective mastering of English by foreign learners. My suggestions may be useful to you and adaptable for your purposes. You may be inspired to develop my suggestions further, or you may get new creative ideas in your English language activities.

  11. Dear Mr. Harmer,
    I truly believe that you are an extraordinary and remarkable human being. You have single-handedly transformed and revolutionized the TEFL world. I consider you to be a brilliant educator and master teacher of the highest order. Quite honestly I regard you as my role model and inspire to attain the level of greatness you so fervently epitomize.

    I myself am a lowly and humble EFL instructor who would desire nothing else but to meet you in person and converse with you about your views, ideas, and opinions regarding teaching,EFL instruction and the English language in general. My most passionate hope is to experience the monumental honor of being exposed to your wisdom and being able to acquire even the most minimal degree of enlightenment from the vast corpus of knowledge which is retained within your protean mind.

    You are and always will be the embodiment of perfection which we all inspire to in the TEFL world. You are an august sage of the highest order and the mercurial force which ensure the continued success of the TEFL world. I desperately would like to meet you once in my life before fate robs me of that profoundingly enriching experience.

    I currently reside in Istanbul, Turkey and would like to know when do you plan to travel to Turkey in the near future to conduct, participate and/ or in someway maintain involvement in a seminar, lecture or international sponsored conference concerning any one of the numerous organizations you represent. I then would possess the epic and edifying opportunity to meet you face to face and obtain some fragments of wisdom from the vast recesses of your illuminating intellect.

    I begging and pleading with you Mr. Harmer to fulfill my wish and help me to realize my larger than life dream and bask in the greatness of the individual from whom I receive the motivation and desire which inspires me to continue in this sacred profession sustained by such a hollowed legacy to educate, enlighten and illuminate all those young and fresh minds to reac ever higher levels of excellence within the TEFL world.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Your Devoted Admirer
    Hakan Maroulis

  12. Hi Jeremy,
    I am Joseph from Bangalore India. I teach English at a University.
    I wanted to invite you for a 2 day seminar in January or February.
    Wanted to know if u will be free to be with us and share ur knowledge.

  13. Hello Jeremy,

    I just wanted to write that the first TEFL book I ever read was yours back in 2001 in Prague. Currently I am an owner of a school and teacher training course and I would have never become interested in teaching if it wasn’t for you. Thanks a bunch.
    Chris Westergaard
    The Language House TEFL Prague

  14. Mr Harmer!

    I’m doing an MA in TEFL. I am really into your books, presentations, etc. they are really so gripping and intriguing at the same time. I wholeheartedly believe that you are an outstanding person in the TEFL world.

    I’ll keep in touch with you all in this lovely area.


  15. Hai Jeremy,

    I am Ayu from Bali Indonesia. I am an English teacher of Young Learners in my country. I am delighted having an opportunity to write even just a comment here on your Blog. I read your book “the Practice of English Language Teaching”. Moreover, I have learned and got a lot of knowledge on teaching English. Thanks for writing great book which is worth to us especially to me.

    Best Regards,


  16. 1. In addition to your site and my suggestions there are a lot of websites with advice and tips for practising English. I’ve explored a lot of websites with advice for practising English, and I’ve selected the most useful practical material to share with people interested in this issue. Maybe users of this site would like to share information (websites, books, articles, etc) on the most useful helpful advice and tips for practising English. Users of this site could benefit a great deal from that information.

    2. As you know the content of English learning and teaching materials matters a great deal. I’ve explored a lot of aids (websites, books, courses, software, audio and video resources) for learning and teaching various aspects of English. Many people would have difficulty choosing the most appropriate and the most inclusive aids for their purposes or needs to effectively use English. I came to a conclusion that a combination of those aids adjusted to one’s needs would help learners achieve the best results in mastering English.
    As your site also deals with helping learners with oral English communication, we could exchange information on the most practical and comprehensive aids for improving English listening comprehension, speaking and vocabulary. The aids selected by me for developing oral communication skills for all levels include thematic everyday dialogues, thematic texts for listening, reading and retelling, questions and answers on a variety of topics, talking points/tasks, and vocabulary expansion.

  17. Hi Jeremy.
    I am a Brazilian English teacher, Rejane. I had the pleasure to watch your lecture this morning at Pearson TDC Plus event in Curitiba and I must tell you how brilliant you are. I wish that God keeps blessing you more and more with lots of great ideas, inspiration and love. Thanks for being such a nice person.


  18. Dear Jeremy,

    I am a great fan of your work! I first got in touch with it during a CELTA course I took back in the 90’s at Westminster College in London with Ms Dede Wilson. Reading The Practice of English Language Teaching first edition was a pre-task requirement to the course. I enjoyed every single page of it! And it’s needless to say that the other 3 editions have accompanied me throughout my career.

    Last week I had the chance to attend one of your talks in Brazil. I was at your CLIL talk in Sao Paulo, but as it was really packed, unfortunatelly it was not possible to talk to you! If I had had the chance, I would have congratulated you for your insightful and inspiring work! I hope I have the chance to talk to you some other time!

    For the past 2 years I have been coordinating a group of teachers in charge of one-to-one business English courses. We use a little bit of everything when it comes to methodology, but our classes are mainly and deeply based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner. We use the MIDAS test, recommended by Gardner himself, to spot our learners predominant intelligences and deliver all classes accordingly. The results have been amazing and I feel I should spread the word!!! Chapter 5 in the current edition of The Practice of English Language Teaching talks briefly about MI theory and even features a chart of suggested activities for each of the intelligences. I wonder if you have any interest on it and plan to write more or give talks about it.

    Once again, thank you so much for your help!!!

    Carlos Goulart

    • Hi Carlos,
      I am so pleased that you enjoyed the session in São Paulo. I love being there.
      I am fascinated by what you say concerning using MI theory. Wow.
      I will be doing a new version of The Practice of English Language Teaching soon so I will revisit the issue!

  19. Dear Mr.Jeremy Hammer: it is a pleasure to write to who has been my mentor and guide during so much years in my teaching career, I know that you must be extremely busy but I would like to invite you to a symposium in October in the city of Mendoza, Argentina . if you could I would like to know your fees. thank you very much.

  20. Hi Jeremy,

    I’m Amber, I’m 17 years old, and I’m from Texas. I’ve been wandering around the internet and I found a poem that’s called “The Lady of Shalott,” by Alfred Tennyson, and I read it and wanted to learn more about it. I learned that it was based on Elaine, The Fair Maid of Astolat, and I want to make my own poetry about it. It’s a personal project that I just felt like doing, and becoming a writer has somewhat been on my mind. I’m a little unsure if that’s what I want to do for a career or not, but I enjoy writing and I would like to get better writing different things, like poetry and stories. So if you have any tips for me and some more information about The Fair Maid of Astolat, I’ll greatly appreciate it. Also, I’d like to know your opinion of the story so I can compare and contrast my opinions with it.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Amber,
      you know I thought I’d answered your post here. But it seems I did not. I am so sorry.
      Becoming a writer….that’s a great dream and you know the best way to become one is just to do it and do it and do it. And then do it again. And – the crucial bit – look at what you have done and see how you can make it better each time. It’s so exciting!
      The story of the lady of Shallot (or Astolat) turns up here http://www.arthurian-legend.com/summary-mort-darthur-18.php and you can also read about her on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elaine_of_Astolat My song is more like Tennyson’s poem, but I’ve romanticised it quite a lot – anyway it’s just a little song!
      Good luck with everything Amber.

  21. Hello Mr. Jeremy Harmer, I am a teacher in Instituto de formacion docente y tecnica 9-001 San Martin Mendoza and me and the rest of the teachers stuff want to know if you want to be in a conference in Mendoza Argentina, the next year, around September 2013, the intention is that you can give a talk. We expected to do this year but we had not enough time, so if you can,( I am going to pray for that) please contact me and tell me about the cost of your full visit. thank you so much. Soria Mario D.
    e-mail: daroxma@gmail.com

  22. i would like to congratulate Mr. Harmer for his wonderful and excellent performance in Monterrey last night . It was not only a seminar but also a living expierence to find out some sense and be encouraged to keep on going as a teacher. I realized that we have to get involved in culture in a higher level to broaden our horizon. Mr. Hammer has shown us a path to lead our teaching vocattion and skills and be a role model about some one who has loved what he has done for so long and keeps going forward to make a better place being a living examplary human being.Thanks so much for sharing me part of your living years.

  23. Hi Jeremy.Maybe you don’t remember me quite well. I’m the one who read a poem in Jujuy, Argentina. Reading (aloud) is something I like very much, if it is to transmit a message. Thanks for allowing me to do so. Your lecture was awesome and we left with our hearts full of all the passion you transmitted us. You made me remember “some time ago” when I started teaching. “My lamp was refilled” after those days. Well I hope to keep in touch with you. If there has been a first time in Jujuy, hope there’ll be a second! All the best!

  24. Hello Mr. Harmer,

    I am attending a course related to learning difficulties for children such as dixlesia. I was wondering if you had some methodology for working with this kind of children when teaching English. Thank you.

  25. Hello Jeremy,
    I had the pleasure to meet you in Cambridge in Amazing Minds Congress on July 20th, 2011 to and now I attended to a webinar. I am happy because I can learn a lot from you.
    I hope everything is going well and I do not forget you and all the people who attended that Congress. I am Magdalena Ullauri and I am from Ecuador – South America.

    • Hello Maryam,

      I am sorry I didn’t reply before.

      I’m glad you enjoyed December’s webinar. The next one is the day after tomorrow, on february 6. It’s about correction. I hope you can come along!


  26. Some individuals think that studying British as a second terminology is just like going returning to university. They don’t like the concept of investing too enough time seated in a educational setting, considering it will be tedious and challenging.

  27. I confused with methodologies strategies in 4 skills english with techniques,activities etc and assessment indicators please help me

  28. Hello Dr Jeremy Harmer,
    I know that this is a short notice, but I wonder if you could come to Surakarta, Indonesia and give a talk as key note speaker in the conference that we are going to hold on May 18, 2013? I will mail the invitation right after your response. Thanks.


  29. Jeremy,
    I recently came across your blog and really enjoyed all the posts especially the one asking whether technology is killing schools. As a student in college and a parent, I have begun to really see the present and future importance of using mobile devices in the classroom. A lot has changed in the mobile delivery of education and I would enjoy writing a post for your blog about “The 5 Best Mobile Devices for Learning” or a similar topic you believe your audience would be interested in.

    I understand the importance of writing high quality and interesting articles. If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll start drafting a unique article for your site.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Bryan Baker

  30. Dear Jeremy Harmer:
    I’m inverstigating about the use of smartphones in the English Classroom since a great number of students are taking them to school and it is almost impossible to fight against that social phenonema. Would you agree it is a good topic to be investigated?
    Regards from Chile
    Victor Birkner

  31. Hello Jeremy ,
    I am Zehra from Anadolu University, Turkey.
    Today i had great chance to meet you at the conference about the poetry in language teaching. I learned japanese haiku from you an wrote for my father at the conference.i would like to remind it and for me its enough just catch a little smile of you
    Here it is,
    You are as beneficial as a brokoli
    Curly and lovely
    Sitting on the sofa sweety sweety 🙂
    It was really a great pleasure to meet you as an english teacher of future I have a lot to learn from your books, videos. And I am also an amateur violin player:)with the wish of playing together or just listening your performance.Millions of Thanks coming and honouring our University .Hope to see you again!

  32. hi Dr. Harmer. it is always a pleasure to read your books. one question: I need a book about teaching adults and specially I want skills or classroom activities. Can you suggest me one? thank you

  33. Dear Jeremy,

    I´m so so glad you are coming to Uruguay next August !! I´m really looking forward to meeting you at the Anglo Conference. I am also very interested in doing the three-session course you are giving, I hope to get a place. Thank you for beeing so inspiring!



  34. Dear Jeremy,

    Recently I am doing the report of the story “Trumpet Voluntary”, and I really curious about the motivation or the reasons that you wrote this work, it will help me to analyze this story.
    I am extremely grateful for you to answer my question.
    I really love this story, and was touched by it deeply in the heart.

  35. hello there,
    I’ve just come home after your IATEFL presentation Lodz Poland- ghostwriter:)) I think that was awesome, I mean such a fresh thought of how to deal with writing. writing generally does cause problems but that is the thing I ‘m going to use in my classroom. thank you.

  36. Hi sir,
    I’m from Việt Nam and I’m taking the Techniques in Tesol course. My teachers talk about you a lot. Today, it is surprising to see your website. I have never thougt that I will see a lot of real pictures or words from such a famous writer like you. My country is not rich, so we pay more attention to education. About me, I have been trying a be an effective teacher who can help my students, esp. poor children to have a better future. I’m aware of the importance of methodology, so my desire is to learn and observe hard.One of my biggest wishes is to go abroad for a short time to widen knowledge though now I just earn enough money to manage my life independently. However, I promise myself to be the best teacher of my own. Wish you ALWAYS healthy and happy, Mr. Jeremy!

  37. Dear Jemery Harmer,
    I already finished to read Trumpet Voluntary and I wanna say to you thank you!
    Thank you because first of all, I never though I would be able to read a book in English in my life and have the opportunity to do that with a clever-interesting book. Second I´m from Brazil and was a pleasure to read all the good and bad episodes during the book which happened in my lovely country.
    Because of you I want to read more books in English.
    Thank you so much!

  38. Hello Mr. Harmer,
    Thanks for letting us know about you.
    I know it would be too much of a request but I wish to have your email address so that I can contact you and as a result, I can help my students improve their English. Do you think it would be possible?
    Thanks in advance and best regards,

  39. Hello Mr. Harmer, I want to meet you as soon as. I like be a one like you in my dream.I really enjoy seminar will taken in your institutions.help me, Ahmad

  40. Hello mr. harmer, I want to thanks to your book the double bass mystery, its an useful book for me to read, but I want to know the reason what did you make this book? do you have a purpose?

  41. Hi Jeremy

    Thanks for the talk this morning in Valencia (9 oclock at the centre de idiomas on 29 th March )
    I thought that you made some very relevant points (love of English and students appropriating the language). For instance, I joined a theatre group last week and I had to push myself to the limit to produce the language on 2 levels: grammar and pronunciation, not to mention coming across some vocabulary I didn’t know, ‘bollera’ means a female homosexual, which I do not suppose you need to know!) as well as involving my feelings in the process.

    Thanks for stimulating our thoughts and I have been inspired to reintroduce some acting in the class. I loved your analogy about the insect and the vapour catcher and the importance of encouraging a love of English, although I would personally adopt different strategies in order to achieve this aim.

    In conclusion, I really enjoyed your session and miss the opportunities that we had when I was living in England to attend these types of sessions more often.

    Kind regards

  42. Hello Mr. Harmer

    It is Sona, the Australian-Armenian lecturer that we met in your Yerevan, Armenian (British Council) Invite. I discovered your site and the wonderful information, comments and informative details you have here. I just wanted to write and tell you what a great experience it was to have you here. You gave us the chance to hear you and share the ideas that you had. It was both a privilege and an honor to have met. you.

    Kind Regards

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