This is a list of articles I have written (in reverse chronological order)


Is reading aloud allowed? (English Teaching Professional 65)


Filming and being filmed (English Teaching Professional 56)


Engaging students as learners (English Teaching Professional 42)

‘10 Things I Hate about Powerpoint’ (The Teacher Trainer 20/3) and in Humanising Language Teaching 8/3

2004 ‘

And in the end (the love you take…)’ in Pulverness (ed) IATEFL 2004 Liverpool conference selections. IATEFL Publications.


A Virtual variation (English Teaching Professional 28)

Do your students notice anything? (Modern English Teacher 12/4)

Hitching a ride on a rocket: what does IT really have to offer (Proceedings of the 12 ETA-ROC symposium, Taipei, Taiwan)

Popular culture, methods, and context (ELT Journal 57/3)


Using coursebooks to train teachers (The Teacher trainer 6/3)


Coursebooks: a human, cultural and linguistic disaster? (Modern English Teacher 10/3)


Slaying Dragons: Language Facism and the art of the book review. (IATEFL Issues 158)


Abide with me: Change or decay in teacher behaviour? (IATEFL TD/TT SIG ISSN 1026-4396)


Default settings – what models do for trainees (IATEFL Teacher training SIG 21)


Is PPP dead? (Modern English Teacher 5/2)


Microlight: a conscious-raising story for teacher training. (New Modern English Teacher 4/2)

Taming the Big “I”: teacher performance and student satisfaction. (ELT Journal 49/4)


The Cuddle Factor (Practical English Teaching 11/2)

Nine rules for listening interviews (Practical English Teaching 12/1)


Balancing Activities: a unit-planning game (ELT Journal 38/2)


What is communicative? (ELT Journal 36/3)

One comment on “Articles

  1. Let me introduce myself: My name is Elaine, I’m 37 years old and I’ve been teaching English for 10 years now… just because I love it!

    I went to the TDC Plus (Pearson) this morning and for the first time in my life I felt like writing my thoughts on a blog… not writing actually, but better saying ‘sharing’.

    First of all, l must ask God for forgiveness, because, YES, l DID have something to say at the end of the session and l simply didn’t step up. Shame on me! But thanks now to technology I can do it with some sort of ‘delay’!

    Secondly, I couldn’t help considering Sudata Mitra’s theory about education the most shallow I’ve ever heard… even offensive. I’d definitely NOT have stood up to clap my hands to him. The worst thing is that a man like him can spread those ideas like a cancer… but hopefully for every cancer there is cure!

    The bottom line here is: undoubtedly, Jesus has been and will always be the greatest teacher of all times. HE used to sit down and teach crowds of thousands of people without a microphone or anything like it and everyone would be attentive to His teachings.
    “Now when Jesus saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, and he began to teach them. He said: (Mathew 5:1-2)

    That’s my point! Jesus has been teaching me everything I know about trust, motivation, encouragement, and the like. Besides that, I considered your conclusion very clever! Even though you don’t believe in “Christian ways”, they’ve proved to be pretty effective. You know why? That’s the work of the Holy Spirit! QUIETNESS IS THE ONLY WAY FOR US, CHRISTIANS, TO LISTEN TO GOD’S VOICE THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THAT EVENTUALLY LEADS US TO WORSHIP! But that’s a topic for (maybe) another piece of writing, in which I, in case YOU wish to hear more about, would be truly delighted to share!
    God bless you!

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