The Practice of English Language Teaching

A standard work, The Practice of English Language Teaching (now in its brand-new fifth edition) comprises the following  .

1 The world of English language teaching;    2 Describing the English language;    3 Issues in language learning;    4 Popular methodology

5 Being learners (including learner autonomy);    6 Being teachers (including teacher development); 7 Class size and different abilities;

8 Feedback, mistakes and correction;    9 Managing for success;    10 Seating and grouping students;   11 Technology for learning

12 Planning;    13 Teaching language construction;    14 Teaching grammar;    15 Teaching vocabulary;   16 Teaching pronunciation;

17 Teaching language skills;    18 Teaching reading;    19 Teaching listening;   20 Teaching writing;    21 Teaching speaking;

22 testing and evaluation

In this latest edition of ‘PELT’ there is a DVD called ‘Teachers at work’. We filmed teachers in the UK, but also in Mexico and Turkey. There are also 2 ‘documentaries’ called ‘What teachers use on the classroom’ and ‘Using the L1 in the classroom’.



PELT 2015

One comment on “The Practice of English Language Teaching

  1. Hi. Im a teacher in Argentina, and I’ve had the chance to be in Jeremy’s conferences once at least. I use this book with the students at a teachers training collage. It is a real guide for us. I would like my students to meet Jeremy through a video conference. Would THAT be possible?

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