2 comments on “Is this the end? Disruption in ELT

  1. Drama is the key to make “disruptor’s end” meet. If the teacher is aware of the ongoing process in their students, then, s/he could understand what, how, when to teach what is needed or required to be learnt, seen, grasped or caught. It is very important to have some background knowledge of the child’s history…Some weeks ago, one of my kids(13-14) SENschool, pretended he was smoking crack. I told him that if he wanted to play the role of a loser, I could give him that role. Both him and the rest of his mates were surprised at my comment and I told them that those they saw in the streets of their places, were losers. That they, 100% conscious of their lives, had the power. I assigned as hw to go to the strs and spot losers. I couldn’t believe my ears when, the following week, one of them came up to me and commented on the hw he had done. Ok, my class plan could be called: “Becoming aware”. We performed both loser and winner attitudes. Lots of positive vocab I could introduce. Very nice and rewarding experience.

  2. Interesting, Jeremy, but a struggle to read extended text against a black background. Any chance you could tweak or change template? Anyway, many thanks for your fine work over the years.

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