5 comments on “Taking up a challenge – compare and contrast

  1. Haha… glad to aid you in your procrastination, Jeremy.

    Esas fotitos vengano del DF ? Architecture reminds me of the spot where Diego Rivera did some AMAZING murals. What is the function of art ? Wonderful question… and the question is the answer is it not ?

  2. I know what the second picture is, tee hee!

    And as for the function of art, I think Octavio Paz put it better than I ever could:

    “La obra de arte nos deja entrever, por un instante, el allá en el aquí, el siempre en el ahora.”

    Thanks again, Brad, for your generous contribution to schedule reorganization skills 😉

    Thank you, Jeremy, for sharing your photos.

    • Ah… Octavio Paz. He wrote a beauty of a book “In light of India” which literally changed my life, drawing me East and into yoga and all sorts of other adventures. Nice to bump into you here, Gloria ! 😉

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