24 comments on “My favourite new toy (technological)!

  1. I, too, love the flip. It is what makes my blog tick, actually – I wouldn’t be able to do the interviews, edit them, and post them so quickly with a conventional video camera. I am also loving it as a class tool – student presentations and conversations are recorded and posted to the class blog for reflection and analysis with great ease!

    Three little quibbles. One is that the battery doesn’t last long, although they are easily replaced with AA so as long as you keep back ups it shouldn’t be a problem. I would also like the option to store on a card. Once my 2hr hard drive is used up, I have to get to a computer and transfer the files. And finally, I would like a jack for an external microphone. The inbuilt mic is good enough, generally, but in a busy room a directional attachment would help.

    But it is what it is and I am actually very fond of it. For those interested, you might check out the kodak zi8 as an alternative. But one way or another, the opportunities afforded to educators by these new generation cameras are immense.

    • Hi Darren,

      yes I agree with all that – especially the wish for an external mike. But even without one, some of the little clips from teachers I have are good enough to put into presentations.

      Of course, as with everything else, if everyone’s posting their little films then you probably end up diluting the effect. But then that’s like blogs, really. So I’ll just keep trucking away with what i like doing (talking to teachers who tell me about successful lessons (I want to build up quite an atrchive) and others will do what they want!!

      Love your site by the way.


  2. You (both – Jeremy and Darren) have sold me, I am going to look around and see where I can buy one of these!

    I somehow do not think Pearson will be rushing to lend me one anytime soon 🙂

    – Jason

  3. My favourit toy is my white board .Because it gives me channce to do a lot of things .I think it is a magic screen which will change minds.

    By the way . I advice you if you really interested to improve Methodology of teaching to discover fantastic ways to do by listening to these four Cd’s

    CD 1 | CD 2 | CD 3 | CD 4

    • Many thanks for this.

      I am happy to see people saying positive things about the white board – with or without the interactive bit.

      Even though I am not, myself, a Muslim, your website looks really impressive. Congratulations.


      • You make me feel happy.I face many Social difficulties in college years . Because of that I graduate with low grade .Because of that I couldnt continue to study master. But I keeplove writing in English .So I continue writing articles by myself in this blog.How much I could see your comments for my posts in my blog . Believe me you will make happy each time you write comment in my blog .I hope see you in my blog writing comments

  4. 100% with you there Jeremy and Darren on the joys of the Flip camera. I got mine last year and have not looked back since.

    • oooh! This is a flipcam-lovers’ blog!! But seriously, they are amazing to use and so much can be done so ‘cheaply’ – both in terms of time and money.


  5. Interactive whiteboards, Jeremy, but then I can’t help to biased there. They break down the physical barriers of the classroom, establish connections with the outside world, let you make annotations as you play an embedded video, you can have instant access to pictures from Google or online dictionaries or YouTube videos so that you can interact with the vocabulary spontaneously generated in the classroom, you can make recordings with voice of what is happening on the board, then you may post those recordings in a blog or you may email them, you may print copies of the material generated on the board, prepare material beforehand, modify it, refine, save the changes or not…

  6. Hi Daniel,

    wow, that’s some endorsement! But actually I agree with you about the sheer benefits of this kind of technology. The ability to do so many different things is awesome.

    Of course, pretty soon this will just be seen as ‘normal’; access to the online world etc is now just a given in many places. I just wish it was available everywhere!


  7. Pearson were talking to me about making some content for their new site at one point, but then it went quiet. I now see they went for some geezer called Jeremy Harmer and his Flip camera. Never heard of ’em!

  8. Very compelling!

    Just ordered a Samsumg U10 pocket camcorder, I think it’ll do the same job.
    I’ll be interviewing at BrazTesol next month, and you’ll be there, so… can I interview you?
    it’s for non-commercial purposes, which is worth mentioning, cause I won’t be competing with your sponsor : )
    and I have very good questions about music and stuff.

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  10. Hey – I had to laugh when I saw this because today I bought 18, repeat eighteen, flipcams …for our dept of course.
    Thanks to Graham Stanley and the discussions on the IATEFL VPCE I bought one for myself first and then, at 116 euros each, I was able to convice the dept of the necessity of being able to lend them to the students to produce mini-clips to illustrate words on our “syllabus” list of words – the aim being that to decide which words to put in a video clip, they have to really rummage through the list (fear not … we do teach them about collocation too 🙂

  11. Toys are an important part of children’s learning and exploration of form and color tones are good for their development.
    Toys with music helps to stimulate the brain of your child, go for toys that have characteristics and functions of music and different sounds. Animal sounds or beeps are good, also the lights and moving objects are good for your child. It fascinates many babies.

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