13 comments on “My first blog post – why I got started

  1. Great idea for a blog, Jeremy. I have thought a lot about this too – but I’ll keep my powder dry for now, since you so requested!

    Oh and thanks for the blog plug.

  2. Congratulations, Mr H! You’ve hit the blog running as we knew you would.

    And yes, do be careful of those first three to five moths (sic) – wise words, indeed.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere Jeremy! Blogging about ‘the art of presentation’ is a great idea. I’m looking forward to your blog posts.

    Thanks a lot for mentioning my blog. It’s a great honor for me to be mentioned by Jeremy Harmer.

    Happy blogging!


  4. Jeremy,

    Welcome, and good luck! Thanks also for mentioning my blog (though I guess you were duty bound since I helped you set this one up!) I’ve just been reading ‘Presentation Zen’ by Garr Reynolds. It’s got some good ideas, but could easily have been a twenty page PDF rather than a book. I shall keep my thoughts to myself whilst you get going, though.

    Enjoy Casablanca,


    • Hello Gavin,
      well yes, I HAD to mention your blog, didn’t I! But seriously, it is a good example (very good) of a type. Whether I can aspire to such lofty heights I do not know.
      I’ll put up a proper ‘presentation’ blog in a day or two.

  5. Hi ya Jeremy,

    Standing ovation from the back here on your entry… but please don’t drag away all my readers from me, ya hear!

    Am looking forward to reading more posts, learning from and sharing with you and am super happy to welcome you in to this dynamic, energetic community.

    Fantastic theme for a blog: I think that’s actually a major part of the battle covered -knowing what it is you’re going to be writing about and having a strong focus to prevent the dreaded frozen fingers!

    That’s one of the things I really like about blogs like Lindsay Clandfield’s Six Things, Barb Sakamoto’s Teaching Village and Vicki Hollett’s Learning to Speak American.

    Like both Burcu and Andy, am honored you chose to mention my blog (read gobsmacked) out of the many really much better written ones so big thank you for this too ;-).

    I very much like what you said about teachers moving out of their comfort zone and exploring new things in order to grow professionally – obviously my blog has really done that for me, mostly making me question every micro activity for its worthiness!

    Through your blog I’ll be able to take stock of my teacher training activities as well and for that, another thank you!

    See you around the ‘spere and ‘verse, Jeremy


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  7. Hi Jeremy

    I only just found out about your blog now! Great idea for a blog, and best of luck with it. It can eat up a lot of time, you’re right, but if you enjoy it like most continuous bloggers do then you won’t notice the time go by. And it will feel well-spent! Anyway, see you out here!

    • Hi Lindsay,
      and I only just saw YOUR comment! So sorry.
      I started this blog because someone asked me to. It does seem to be fun, and I love reading people’s comments and knowing that a conversation is taking place.
      And I hope I can make something from all this ‘presentation/teaching’ discussion.
      Just about to get personal and talk about nerves, Hmm.
      See you out there.

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